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Random make out session fic


I wrote this in my journal (yes I actually drag around a journal, a notebook entirely for me to write whatever story I feel like at the moment.) when I was board in class. I hope to eventually shove it into my wasteland watcher fic when it reaches the point in the plot but for now its just for personal enjoyment.  I’ve never actually posted anything from my journal on the net so I’m curious to the reaction to my lame, spur of the moment brain -doodles.


Fallout 3, Charon/male!LW






“If me undress you like

Why, no body would oppose~”


Damn those vault walls could really echo back.  Walter’s laugh jingled in his ears, probably entertained by how ridiculous he sounded.  Charon didn’t laugh, he wasn’t that type man, but he did allow himself a smile.  The kid was drunk, stinking drunk, he apparently hadn’t been lying when he clamed he’d never had an ounce of alcohol in his life, and the ghoul was well on his way to joining him.


It was a celebration, that’s what the kid had said, a special occasion. Now that vault 101 was vacant, thanks to some fancy computer sabotage on Walter’s part, they raided the overseer’s office and found his stash of whine.  That lead to them both slouched on his chair, shouting and laughing, at least on the kid’s part, like drunken idiots.  After all, they deserved it.


“We’re the kings of the vault!” he cheered as he fell backwards on the cushions beside his companion.  Usually Charon would have rolled his eyes and grumbled, but right now he was too wasted to be annoyed, which was a nice change from the ordinary. Pulling the boy’s hat over his face he grinned as the pale arms scrambled in their drunken stupor to get it off.


Perhaps it was less the alcohol and more of the odd warmth of kinship he’d developed with the little weirdo.  After learning of the confidence pounding hell he’d lived by the hands of his fellow vault dwellers… well, it was nice to know someone had been treated like a piece of only somewhat useful shit just like him.  Perhaps that’s why he had talked him out of listening to them again; maybe he was living a small sense of freedom through the kid.


Either way, Walter wasn’t as bad as he thought he was.


The young drunk managed to find his way out of the ghoul’s grasp and gave him a half hearted glare upside down, which just turned into a smirk.


“You don’t hate me.” He stated boldly.


“I never said I did.” He challenged, barely interested in whatever he was rambling about.


“Well, yes.” He got around to his knees so he could look the ghoul in the eye.  It probably wouldn’t have taken much more then a tap to send him toppling to the floor but Charon resisted. “But you don’t dislike me as much as you act like you do.”


The lack of his usual alliteration made it evident the alcohol was chipping away at his brain.  “And what gave you that idea?”


Walter drew close, a smug smile on his far off face. “If you didn’t like me… you wouldn’t have spoken up.  You could have just let me feel like crap but you didn’t.”


There was a sloshed staring contest between them. “So?”






“What of it?”


“Nothin’.” That tone never meant anything good.  Charon tried not to respond, the kid didn’t need him to throw him a bone.




He blinked, his sudden turn nearly knocking their heads together. “What?”


But the boy was smiling, not grinning, not smirking, his face was warm, It was one of the rare times he saw the kid without his smug mask. “Thanks for everything you’ve done… and staying with me through all this.”


“You’re my employer.” It came out automatically, but for some reason his voice was uneven, “Where you go I will to fallow, its my job…”


“And because you like me.”


There was a pause but… really it was no use. “Yes, and because against my better judgment I like you, alright?”


Walter chuckled and the comfortable silence lingering between them, like their shared breath, warm in the cold, empty metal halls.




Until a pair of soft lips pressed themselves against his own.


It was sudden but intentional, he didn’t just fall onto him, but the way it broke wasn’t.  The impact caused Charon to back away in surprise.  He was met by his employer’s gaze, mouth slightly agape. The boy seemed as shocked as he was.  After a second or two he leaned away, a hand clamped over his mouth, like he couldn’t comprehend what those lips had just done.  The silence that had been so comforting before was now heavy, almost painful.


Had he done that on purpose?  There had always been flirting, teasing, it was the kid’s way of breaking through his demeanor to annoy him.   He’d never expected there to be something tangible behind it.  It was more likely the alcohol, yes, the alcohol, he was drunk and had no idea how to deal with it.  That was all.


A soft cough brought him from his thoughts.  Walter was grinning that grin he did when he was going to fix something.  Just laugh, apologize, make excuses and everything would go back to normal, like it hadn’t happened. 


And that would have been it.


If Charon hadn’t strung his fingers into that chestnut hair and gave his employer a sharp tug.  The exact point their lips slammed together was lost to him but the fact that it sealed their fate wasn’t.


The kiss, if it could be called that, was awkward and hard, he heard their teeth knock together.  But thin arms whipping around his neck wordlessly stated that it wasn’t a problem.  Hands clawed at his back, as if they couldn’t get close enough. 


Charon had forgotten how warm smoothskins were, the brush of soft skin and lips caused something to melt painfully in his chest.  Small half muffled, unintelligible sounds passed between them each time their mouths raked against each other, fighting to breath but refusing to part.  It was like they were afraid the scene would shatter if even the smallest form of contact was broken.


It might have been the alcohol or something else but all form of rational thought was lost to him right now, flow off somewhere just when he needed it the most.  He couldn’t recall the last time he had kissed someone like this, and perhaps, for all the years he had lived, might not have.  Really all he could remember were small flashes.  Flashes of the way the kid would glance over his shoulder and grin when he saw the ghoul was still fallowing him, the way he looked through him, no matter how hard the frown he wore, in fact just the way he looked at him, not as a slave or even a ghoul, just as a person… or more.


While the kid clung to him like a lifeline in the middle of the basin, his hands traveled down the lean form.  Every bit of exposed skin goose bumped where he touched it.  It was impossible how perfectly they fit together, ever arch and bend mirrored, his arms fit around him like a bow.


It wasn’t until he felt the hot drip of moisture on his chest did his fogged mind realized their tongues were locked in some battle outside their mouths.  Whimpers and growls lingered in his ears but he couldn’t make out where they were coming from.  At some time the kid had managed to climb into his lap, legs clinging, he could feel the desperation in his tight grip and ragged breathing. Charon hissed lowly, realizing his own need was nestling right against the kid’s ass.  A free hand came down to grab at it on its own.  Walter broke the kiss with a sudden throaty gasp at the less then elegant grope.  Charon sank his teeth into the soft flesh of his exposed neck, turning the gasp into a moan.  Damn did all smoothskins taste this good?  As he licked the marks in a half hearted apology, he thought with a small smirk that this was probably the closest he’d been to going feral.


Whether it was to get closer or to eat him it didn’t matter, when he began to push the kid down, something in their already jumbled messed finally broke and for a moment they were air born. A sharp pain hit his knees when they both fell to the hard, metal floor, breaking the odd tangle of limbs.


Charon blinked, trying to work through his daze.  He was on his hands and knees, hovering above the kid, flat on his back.  Wide blue eyes stared up at him, the light rasp of their shallow breathing the only sound echoing off the cold floor.  There was something about his expression, he knew that look, that brain of his was going a mile a minute, but what he was trying to work out was anyone’s guess.


“Kid?” he managed to choke out, his throat was dry but his mouth was very, very wet.


The boy laughed, it wasn’t real, too hollow and weak, he found nothing funny, but it was a laugh.  Something was wrong.


“W-wow, alcohol sure makes you do strange things, doesn’t it?”




“Strange things that you might… regret later?”


…That was it, he was giving him another chance, a chance to stop this before it went too far, before it ruined the already fragile bond between them.


He could have said no, just lean down and see where this led them.


He could have done a lot of things.


But he was not that kind of man.


“Yes… you should be more careful next time.”


“I will.” The kid smiled, but he might as well be sobbing for all he could tell.  Either way they both got to their feet in silence.


“I’d better get some sleep…”




“We’ll head out in the morning.”


“As you wish.”


“Well… G’night.”




And the kid walked off, they would leave tomorrow and go digging in some abandoned house or chatting up hostile wanderers in the wastes, like nothing had happened.  When the vault doors closed behind them, all this would be locked away with it.


That’s what would happen tomorrow.


Right now he had more pressing matters, and they were pressing rather painfully against the cup of his armor.


He was about to head off to the restrooms and… relieve himself of this problem when he heard on of the stalls open and close in the quiet halls.  He didn’t know if he wanted to smile or sigh, whatever was going on between them wasn’t going to go away anytime soon.


Now they would just have to wait each other out.


God he hoped he didn’t cave first.

Awkward art and fanfic

Tittle: Awkward
Pairing: Dan x Walter
Rating: G
Summery: Dan wants to get close but Walter won't admit his short comings.

Click for art

Anime MidAtlantic

You can see videos on my youtube account too

less photos then we usually get but we had a good time. some r fuzzy, sorry, they're mine.... the rest my sister took

Great turn out this year

Kid finally found his partners

And Crona finally found Maka

and stien has spirit

Crona is a boy.  See? He has sperm.
cutest plushy i've ever bought, seriously.

great yaoi

Great threesom

Sexy Snake is Sexy

I loves pheeny, i've seen him at every con i've ever been to ^^

The CUTEST THING EVER~!!!!!!!!!!!

and most pimpen thing ever


Watchmen Cinderella icons

From the comic by XxDaimonxX on deviantart. I find it hilarious XD its the last one in the series so... it probably makes no sense unless you rest... then it makes a little sense.  Rorschach is in a dress, that's all that matters.

Request and Chrona pic

Hellos, I want to play Chrona for a con and I have everything worked out except for the wig, I was wondering if anyone whos already  as her reasonable might have an already fashioned wig they might be willing to sell a a resonable price?

Also a Chrona pic that the fans might like


Cosplay help

Hello <3 I am going to cosplay as Chrona for an upcoming convention (Even have a buddy to play Bishie Ragnarok and pic on my all day) I have the dress and such all under control, but I need one thing:

A wig ^^

Now I am terrible with hair, I was wondering if anyone who has already cosplayed at chrona and would be perhaps be willing to sell their already styled  wig, just a thought ^^